Psychological Services

At Nether Johnstone House we can offer a range of psychological services. The starting point for this is our assessment services. These include psychological assessments, forensic assessments and risk assessments in relation to general offending, violence, trauma and sexually harmful behaviour.

Psychological Assessments

Forensic Psychological Assessment

Is a comprehensive psychological assessment that focuses upon identifying the risks and needs of an individual, to provide a psychological formulation and identify appropriate supports and interventions that address areas of risk and need. We utilise a range of tools including SAVRY, YLS and YASI.

Specialised Risk Assessments

When necessary we can provide risk assessments in relation to:

  • General Risk offending
  • Sexually Harmful Behaviour
  • Violence

Psychosocial Assessment /Multi-Element Behavioural Assessment (MEBS)

Multi-Element Behaviour Support (MEBS) is an approach that considers behaviour as a form of communication. A MEBS assessment develops a support plan which aims to reduce the identified “difficult behaviour” and enhance the person’s skills and lifestyle.

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