Education and Extended Day





We provide a specialist education programme in partnership with Mirren Park School, a unique registered independent school which is located 10 minutes from the main house.

Our school partnership allows us to provide a multidisciplinary approach integrating education, care and therapy programmes. These Integrated care, tailored curriculums and a combination of therapies are designed to ensure that young people are able to develop a broad range of academic and social skills to enable them to participate within society and develop the psychological independence as they progress.

We are strongly committed to a holistic approach to education and celebrating success to ensure that all of our young people develop a positive outlook on life – that they thrive and learn to take responsibility, not only by actively engaging in appropriate and stimulating learning opportunities, but also by achieving an enhanced degree of emotional stability.

Mirren Park provides general education and pre-vocational training particularly for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as a range of learning and developmental difficulties. The curriculum is aimed at young people who have previously had problems in school, due to behavioural and/or academic problems, where their education may have been disrupted by periods of exclusion and/or other factors.

Extended day

For children who attend our school but are not accommodated within our residential services we recognise that out of school hours can be vulnerable times.  We are able to offer a tailored support package based on assessed need during evenings and weekends to prevent family breakdown or respond to crisis at home.

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