Residential Care

Established in 2010 NetherJohnstone House is a community based service that supports young people with a range of complex needs.


Each young person admitted to NetherJohstone House will receive an immediate emotional well-being assessment.

Through Care

For young people who are unable to return to their family / carers or who express a need to live more independently.

Education Extended Day

Our school partnership allows us to provide a multidisciplinary approach integrating education, care and therapy programmes.

Specialist Intervention

We offer a range of evidence based interventions and cognitive behavioural based programmes.

Specialists Childcare Services in Scotland

At Nether Johnstone Childcare Services we are able to provide a range of residential, specialist education and psychological services to children at risk throughout Scotland. Call 01505 322 984 to speak to one of our experienced Childcare Specialists.
“I have started a new school and have gone every day. My contact with my family is more enjoyable” — Young person
“Nether Johnstone House is a very homely, welcoming place which has an environment more akin to a family home than a residential setting” — Social worker
“The support provided to the young person over the last year has been very comprehensive and personalised to her needs, most specifically the provision of one to one support has been of great benefit. The care planning has been of a very high standard” — Reviewing Officer
“The positive outlook of young people living at the service demonstrated that they felt supported to make choices and decisions for themselves, which maximised their chances of successful outcomes.” — Care Inspectorate
“I think they deal with some of the most complex children and adolescents around and show great patience, warmth, support and nurture” — Social Worker
“I was really impressed when I walked through the door. It’s a very child centred environment. All the staff are really mannerly and I think the young person is quite happy here”. There’s a real flexibility about this service” — Social Worker
“I am very happy with the level of care my child has been given. I have noticed a huge change in her and seeing her happy makes me happy. I feel settled knowing she is being given the level of care that she needs” — Parent
“We found that young people were encouraged through every day practices, to make choices which enhanced the quality of their lives” — Care Inspectorate
“By working together, we saw that strategies had helped young people to develop improved coping skills which reduced distress and risk behaviours” — Care Inspectorate
“Since the young person moved to Nether Johnstone House his lifestyle has become more stable and has been free from offending, which were the outcomes identified for him. He has re-engaged with education and has excellent attendance” — Social Worker
“The commitment of staff in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of young people was noted as strength during the inspection” — Care Inspectorate
“The staff have had the child’s needs at the centre of her in depth assessment. They have gone the extra mile in liaising with professionals and advocating on her behalf to ensure that her needs are met. We have really appreciated the dedication, hard work and creativity that have been provided in responding to the child’s needs” — Social Worker
“I am happy with my care plan. I feel included and respected at Nether Johnstone”, and “I like it here. Staff try to include me and I feel I have good relationships with staff so can talk to them about things if I need to” — Young person

Residential Care

Nether Johnstone House is a large and comfortable resource with en suite accommodation for up to seven young people with complex needs and traumatic life stories.

Education & Extended Day

We are strongly committed to a holistic approach to education and celebrating success to ensure that all of our young people develop a positive outlook on life.

Psychological Services

A comprehensive psychological assessment that focuses upon identifying the risks and needs of an individual.


Through our relationships with a local housing association, we are also able to provide a wraparound service to young people.

Specialist Interventions

We offer tailor interventions to meet the needs of individual young people. Examples of Programmes can be provided.

Healthy Living

The healthyliving award is a national award for the foodservice sector in Scotland.

Our Vision

At Nether Johnstone House Child Care Services we will provide an environment and relationships that are safe, respectful and nurturing, physically and emotionally, for all children and young people we serve. Working in partnership with children and young people, their families and carers and all those who are part of the caring process, we will focus on developing existing strengths as well as identifying and nurturing new areas for growth.